Main Factors of The X-Factors Side

Althrough the dark and bright sides from a significant part of human personality, yet there are several other factors, which we call The x-factors, that act as catalysts and affect the intended human behaviour. The main traits are:-nature; nurture;  upbringng ; motivation and values.

1.Nature :-

This is pre-wiring and is affected by biological factors, basically the hereditary legacy or the genetic inheritance.

2. Nurture :-

This is the impact produced from external factors, for example, the experience, acquired knowledge, learning or exposure of a person

3. Upbringng:-

Kids like are sponges-they tend to learn and demonstrate behaviors that their parents portray. They can be seen in positive & negative behaviors they display.

4. Motivation:-

┬áThe way Soliders behave totally unique and outstanding. The joy of meeting their loved ones after winning the battle and love for one’s country keeps them pumped to behave accordingly even in the hardest situations.

5. Values :-

If we think of an organization as a decision- making body, then values establish the relationship between decisions and what happens and what happens consequently. They grow gradually over time subject to an individual’s social and psychological development.

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