Main Factors of The Dark Side

Dark Personality Traits are stable characteristics of a person when triggered, lead to the display of undesirble, counterproductive and destructive behaviour, the have a negative impact on surronding people(friends,family,co-workers or customers). The main traits of this type of people are:-opportunism; selfobsession; insensitivity; temperamental; impulsiveness and thrill-seeking.

1. Opportunism:-

Opportunism is the Tendency to be deceitful and manipulative. Tendency to process cynical or negative outlook towards intentions of others.This type of people are ambitious;competitive and greedy.

2. Self-Obsession:-
Self-obsession is the tendency to processes an inflated sense of self, accompained by a fragile self esteem which makes the person vulnerable to criticism. This type of people conceited;attention-seeker and dramatizer.
3. Insensitivity:-
People inable insensitivity to understand other’s pain,suffering and perspective.This type of people are  logical prefer rational desicion making even if it hurts others,inconsiderate is unaffected by others emotions;revels in others misery.
4. Temperamental:-

Temperament is the tendency to become angry at the slightest provocation, feeling and engaging in anger related emotions pervaively and persistenty.This type of people assertive;volatile;violent.

5.  Impulsiveness:-
Impulsiveness is the tendency to act on a whim,displaying behavior characterizedby little or no forethought,reflection, or consideration of the consequences. This type of people spontaneous;careless and rash.
6.Thrill-seeking :-

Thrill-seeking tendency to do activities filled with experiences and thrill-seeking unusual sensations perceived as risky but rewarding.This type of people excitable,adventurous and daredevil.

Emotion of unstability
a) . Sad:-

I owe something to others; I am missing someone; I failed; People don’t co- operate; I cannot understand people.

b). Hurt:-

Being ignored; Being taken for Granted; Lack of Appreciation; Re-living painful memories faced Betrayal.

c).  Disappointed:-

Not having faith in myself; Not achieving my Goals; People letting me down; Many unmet expectations; Nothing seems to be right.

d) . Stressed:-

Unable to forgive or forget; Inability to meet deadlines; Health not supporting me enough. Struggling to please everyone; No time for myself.

e).  Hopeless:-
Looking at myself as a failure; People around me have little or no faith in me;Going through Chaos; I cannot trust people; Everything is going wrong.
 f). Board:-

Unable to break the everyday monotony. Having a short attention span. Nothing hold my interest; Feeling a vacuum in relationships; No time to unwind.

g).  Angry:-

Being misunderstand; Did not get what I deserve; Making an avoidable mistake; People do not follow instructions; Situation are not my way.

h) . Annoyed :-

Repeating my mistakes; Witnessing exploitation; Being judged or criticized; Seeing people under-perform; Witnessing unethical practices.

i) .  Frustrated:-

Frustrated – Waiting for issues to get resolved; Feeling stuck in life; People being unethical; People not understanding me; Seeing my loved ones suffer.

j).  Aggressive:-

Being Exploited; Facing injustice; Wanted to control people; Failing repeatedly; Needing Attention.

k).  Impatient:-

People are late; People do not perform; Struck in traffic; Not achieving results; People do not obey.

 l). Hateful:-

Facing injustice; Tolerating abuse; Feeling jealous of someone; Not being loved; Being cheated.

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