Main Factors of The Cognitive ability Side

Cognitive abilities are brain-based skills one needs to process any activity, be it simple or complex. It is more  of the ability to comprehend ,to understand and benefit as a matter of fact. The main traits are:- language & comprehension; logical & critical reasoning; problem solving and decision making.

The way things are perceived, the strategic thinking, the decision making abilities, all these also form the substratum of how people behave. It could be divided into two categories:-

Fluid Intelligence

The ability to perceive things, absorb and retain new information to tackle issues in novel circumstances. The core competencies used to measure this are Abstract Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Visual Reasoning.

Crystal Intelligence:-

The capacity to recover and utilize data obtained over a lifetime or leveraging the acquired knowledge to perform tasks. The core competencies used to measure this are Language & Comprehension ,Logical & Critical Reasoning , Problem Solving and Decision Making.

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