Main Factors of The Bright Side

1. Openness:-

Openness is the tendency to be intellectually curious, imaginative; creative, risk taking; culcutrally fit; and open to consider new changes.  People of this type also tend to have wide  scope of interests and willing to adapt unfamiliar situations. 

2. Uprightness:- 
Uprightness is the tendency to behave in an organized and thoughtful ways. People of this tendency also have the qualites of achievement striving;challenge & determination; deliberation; dutifulness and planning.
3. Forwardness :-

Forwardness is the tendency  to be enthusiastic and outgoing.  Tendency to seek company of others and have qualites  of assertiveness; preference for fast paced work; attentive listening;proactiveness and communicative.

4. Agreeableness:-

  Agreeableness is the tendency to get well along with others. To prioritize and constructively address other’s needs. This type of people also have the qualites of social conscience; compliance, forgiveness; empathy and self-effacement. 

5. Emotional  Stability:-

 To remain  emotionally stable and  balanced to not lose their sanity in stressful situations; to stay grounded not panic; to remain optimistic to avoid naysayers and strive for success. To take steps to better themself in their self regard:-

Record of stable emotions

 a) . Contented :-

Having Everything I Need; Not competing or Comparing; An Attitude of Gratitude; Great work life Balance; Accepting Myself and Others.

b) .Delighted :-

Success from completing tasks; Starting Something New; Resolving a conflict; Finding joy in little things; Ability to find solutions.

c) .Powerful:-

Recover quickly from tough situations; I adapt & adjust willingly; I am always happy and relaxed; Meditating every day; Having no addiction and dependency.

 d) .Enthusiastic:-

I have a sense of appreciation for life; I am committed to everything I do; My never give up Attitude; Always keen to explore and learn; I am self-driven.

 e) .Passionate :-

I pursue meaningful goals; Determined to succeed, I make no compromises; I always give my best; I do only what is right.

 f) .Energetic :-

My healthy sleep habits; My healthy eating habits; Rightthinking always; I do not gossip; I limit my daily screen time.

g) .  Happy:-

Spending time with family and friends; Enjoying my work; I do not think of the past or future; Having no complaints or regrets; I do not criticize people.

 h).  Comfortable:-

Maintaining good health; Having everything I want; Being punctual always; Earning more than I need; Great weather.

 i) .Satisfied:-

My healthy life style; Achieving my goals; Discharging duties responsibly; My relationships are good; Happy about my self- transformation.


Faith in my abilities; Constantly upgrading skills & talents; Supportive people around me; Been largely successful; Am Calm In every situation.

 k). Compassionate :-

I meditate daily; I am light & easy; I understand people; I share & care; I accept people as they are.

 l). Successful :-

I achieve my goals; Receiving people appreciation; Helping people selflessly; I lead a contented life; I have beautiful relationships.

 m). Relaxed:-

Things are going fine& smooth; Have people who love and support me; Happy with all that I have; I take it easy; Feel in control of situations.

 n).  Caring:-

I discharge responsibilities well; I understand people’s needs; I am kind to everyone; I care selflessly; I take care of myself.

 o).  Humble :-

Seeing Goodness in all; I appreciate everyone; I need no appreciation; I am not superior or inferior to anyone. I lead a simple life.

 p).  Affectionate:-

I am always there for people; I extend a helping hand; I think right and speak right people; I love everyone; I have no expectations.

 q). Respectful :-

I am stable always; No pretense or falsehood; I speak what is on my mind; I share my opinion respectfully; I am non-judgmental.

 r). Thankful:-

My life is beautiful; People take care of me; Satisfied with my career and personal life; I have more than my needs. Gratitude is my Attitude.

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