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Well-beings is not only about our physical health but it is the combination ofour physical, mental,emotional and social well being which  is  strongly linkend withhappiness and satification for our  fullfilling life.

1. Physical well-being

Physical well-being is about active lifestyle to get the most out of our daily activities without any fatigue or physical strees.

2. Emotional well-being

Emotional well-being is about our ability to succesfully handle our stresses and to adapt the changes and cope with the difficult times.

3. Mental well-being

Mental well-being is about relaxed mind and feeling good-about ourself and about the world around us.

4. Social well-being

social well-being is about developing and maintaining healthy relationships and having meaningful intractions with people around us.

Factors that Influence Human Behaviour

1. Bright Side

Positive Personality traits of the human behaviour create in their Bright Side and that are seen when people are at  their best

2. Cognitive Ability

Cognitive Ability is an gerenal mental capability involving reasoning, problem solving,planning, abstract thinking etc.etc

3. Dark side

Negative personality traits when triggered, lead to the display of undesirable, counterproductive and destructive behavior, that have a negative impact on surrounding people.

4. X-Factors

X-factors -Beside bright and dark sides of the people yet their are several other facrors, which are  called the X-Factors,that act as Catalysts and affect the intended human behaviour.

Your thoughts are reflected in your words & actions that shape your career. Create your thoughts with your sincere and positive feelings for your career progression.

Jawhar Lal Jindal

Motivational Quotes

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. Happiness is letting go of what you think your life should look like. Happiness is about enjoying the little things in life.
Your Values Are Invaluable. Live by your values and lead people by example. If you copy people's behavior eventually give up your qualities and deplete your energy.
Revive Relationships with love and respect. Relationships do not come with expiry dates. Do not let people drift away. Win them back with love and respect.
Radiate love & respect to your near and dear ones to transform their energy. Your eagerness to help them in distress will prove your authenticity.
Quit the Habit of Complaining. Do not complain; Correct & Change things, without complaining in words and in thoughts even. Adapt situations and like people to always be happy with life.
No work is stressful. It is your inability to manage your body, mind, and emotions that make it stressful.
Attitude Is Everything. Watch your attitude. Your attitude is your biggest asset. Carry the attitude of optimism, abundance & acceptance. A positive attitude will lead to positive outcomes. bout enjoying the little things in life.
To be successful in your life, dump your automated reaction, take a pause, and consciously choose your response always in every situation that benefits everyone involved.
Always pause and consisoly choose your words before speaking to not to regret later and not to say we did not mean it ?
We can create destiny of our choice with self control our physical senses organs by taking charge over our mind and intellect for pure and positive personality traits.
Always use your power to accept , adapt , adjust and never to complain with the situations and persons to be great and happy in life.
No body have seen god, whereas by respecting, accepting and trusting people , how they may be related with you, you can be paramatma- pure soul - for the most respected person for them.

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Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself with other people.

my sincere advice to our youths, who are finding their real happiness in achievements, accordingly they keep their mind in a competitive state As always and so have made their life complex with excitement. I am advising such youths to change their belief and earn blessings & respect and live with the right belief that … Happiness is found when..

रिश्ते, प्रेम और सम्मान की कभी expaire date नही होती| जबकि सुंदरता, जबानी आदि समय साथ ढल जाती है।

रिश्ते, प्रेम और सम्मान की कभी expaire date नही होती| जबकि सुंदरता, जबानी आदि समय साथ ढल जाती है। रिश्ते:- रिश्ते हम ही खुद बनाते है।  उनका निर्वाह भी हम  ही करते है। रिश्ते कभी खत्म नहीं हो सकते|रिश्ते सिर्फ और सिर्फ हम दूसरे के नज़रिये से उनका निर्वाह करते है। प्रेम:- प्रेम की बहुत बड़ी परिभाषा है। प्रेम … रिश्ते, प्रेम और सम्मान..

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